Chemical Exports

Chemical Exports

Priya Limited is a major exporter of dyes and pharmaceuticals, and we offer a large range of products to customers around the world.

We have made pioneering efforts in establishing many items in these product groups, which meet internationally accepted quality standards. We also take active part with both users and producers of these items – in making continuous improvements in the standard and quality of the products supplied. In this, we are helped by our strong relationships with most manufacturers in these sectors.

While being competitive on price is important to us, so is quality. All items are subjected to strict pre-shipment checks, using our own laboratories for the main products and the expertise of independent laboratories for the others.

Our main markets include:

  • Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom)
  • Americas (USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala)
  • Far East (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan)

Our core strengths include:

  • A large range of dyes for all applications, including textiles, leather, paper, inks, plastics, pigments, oil and other specialty applications
  • Internationally accepted standards, backed by strict quality monitoring
  • A distinguished customer base spread across the world
  • Amine-free grades of selected products
  • Reverse osmosis processed dyes (high-concentration, salt-free products with low insoluble content)
  • Control on parameters like concentration, solubility, fastness and dischargibility
  • Customised products to meet user requirements
  • Special strength in black and brown dyes for leather and textile applications
  • Ability to offer a complete range of products on a consolidated basis for shipments from India and also from stock points in Europe
  • Intermediates like naphthalene and benzene derivatives, pyrazolones, pigment intermediates, naphthols and fast bases
  • Range complemented by pigments and optical brighteners
  • Special strength in a selected range of volume pharmaceutical products and some specialty/anti-cancer drugs